Seeking Quantum Advantage: Workshop and Conference

Merton College Oxford. September 2nd – 5th 2024

A one week residential event in Oxford’s historic Merton College, where experts will gather to debate the challenges and opportunities in the worldwide effort to achieve general Quantum Advantage.

Divinity Schools, Venue for the public-facing panel debate.

Speakers and Panelists Already Confirmed

  • Dorit Aharonov 
  • Ryan Babbush 
  • Robin Blume-Kohout  
  • Earl Campbell
  • Toby Cubitt
  • Sophia Economou 
  • Keisuke Fuji
  • Zoe Holmes
  • Tom Manovitz
  • Chris Monroe 
  • John Morton 
  • Kristan Temme
  • Nathan Wiebe 

Listen, Present and Discuss

Lectures and presentations from world-leading experts. 120 participants, 8 invited and 16 contributed talks.

Tackle challenges together

Merton College offers plenty of space in its scenic gardens and traditional seminar rooms for chats and meetings at all scales.

The latest theory and experiments

The event has an emphasis on practical theory, while covering the most exciting experimental progress in various systems.

Evening debates

The event features two evening debates, each tackling a key controversy with speaks for and against.

Residential in Merton College

Stay in Merton, one of Oxford’s most beautiful colleges, with breakfast and dinner in the College’s beautiful Hall.

Explore the Dreaming Spires

Beautiful walks, punting on the river, and countless historic colleges, museums and libraries.

Talks and Perspectives

As increasingly large investments are made into commercial quantum computing efforts, how should we view the prospects for the field: Can over-hype be avoided to keep goals attainable?

Key Themes and Topics

  • Early fault tolerance and Error mitigation
  • Hybrid algorithms
  • Benchmarking and quantifying progress
  • Is there QA in Chemistry?
  • QC to augment emerging classical methods
  • Randomized protocols and classical shadows
  • Emulation, and Dequantizing Algorithms

Pre-Register Now!

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  • Prof. Simon Benjamin
  • Dr Bálint Koczor,
  • Dr Zhenyu Cai


  • Prof Noah Linden
  • Dr Paul Skrzypczyk


  • Prof Dan Browne
  • Dr Armands Strikis